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adzblock Faster Web Browsing

Faster Web Browsing

With many websites packed full of ads you can increase web browsing speeds simply by blocking ads.

adzblock Reduce Data Fees

Reduce Data Fees

The adblocker that saves you money on your data usage.Blocking ads saves bandwidth. It's that simple!

adzblock Boost Battery Life

Boost Battery life

With less annoying ads being downloaded you can save processing times and improve battery life and overall device perfromance.

adzblock Protect Your Privacy

Protect Your Privacy

Blocking Ads helps prevent publishers and media companies from tracking your browsing acitvity by blocking the tracking urls.

Awesome Features

Our flat, simple design makes activation a breeze

adzblock always active

Always Active

Adzblock is always on, blocking ads in the background. Total peace of mind.

adzblock ad blocker

Ad Blocker

We block annoying web and app ads optimizing web browsing.

adzblock Fanatical Support

Fanatical Support

We are always available to assist you with any technical issues that may arise.

adzblock DNS Protection

DNS Protection

We have you covered with our super fast DNS Ad Blockng servers. Get regular updates with no white listing!

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